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It really did. I was on a camping trip with the Girl Scouts and it was a sudden New England summer storm and we were soaked and gathered in a log cabin while the wind whistled through the cracks and the meager fire in the fireplace did its best, which wasn’t good enough for the twelve of us, eleven of whom were nine years of age and one of whom was the harried scout leader.  That night I listened to a tale someone narrated that was written by Edgar Allen Poe, one I gladly repeated thereafter at every pajama party sleepover I held in my parents’ house. After that night, I understood the power of storytelling–that it wasn’t just the story itself, but the place where I heard it–and later, read it–that made all the difference. Now, many, many years later, I am forever sitting in that cabin somewhere in my mind, thrilled by words that carried me along with the storm raging outside into the terror of a man waiting for the pendulum to slip down one notch too far. I bless that dark and stormy night…and I can’t see any reason why such words should not be part of every writer’s lexicon. They make a hell of a great setting.


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